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Slastik Sun Condor Godo Sports Sunglasses


Sunglasses with HESTAR® lenses and antireflective treatment with magnetic front closure, adjustable length rods and  flexible bi-material head band  .

  • TR90 frame with head band fit.
  • Anti-reflective interior.
  • HESTAR® 8 base polycarbonate high impact shock resistant lenses.
  • Solar category 3.
  • Adjustable platelets.
  • HG-1600 treatment responsible for eliminating the rainbow effect.
  • Better sharpness and optical clarity.
  • 100% UV400 protection.
  • Adjustable lenses.
  • They incorporate interchangeable lenses of white color of polycarbonate UV400 with treatment HG-1600.




  • A superior quality microfiber cover (30% polyamide and 70% polyester).
  • And a rigid case.

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 Coating Definition
REVO  All Revo lenses offer 100% protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light. Reducing the amount of Blue Light that enters the eye, resulting in greater contrast between colors and a more pronounced brightness of objects.  Revo lenses block these harmful rays, effectively managing HEV  light and offering further protection to the eye. Revo lenses block all harmful rays between 280 and 400 nm, managing HEV light and controlling the critical area of 380-455nm.
DIAMOND  All Diamond lenses involve coating the lens with a film of diamond-like carbon (DLC) which results in 10 times more scratch resistance than your typical glasses. With a focussed reduction surface friction, resulting in less spotting and a natural ability to shed water. This provides protection for the eye, and the ability to adapt and adjust to even the most harshest environments, whilst maintaining premium quality and service.
FLASH  All Flash lenses have mirrored coatings with a given tint, reducing the amount of light by upto 60% to the eye, whilst increasing clarity and visibility. These highly reflective lenses are merged with polarization, reflecting heat and glare. The flash coating comes into optimal effect in sports taken across sand, water, snow and even high altitudes.
 Features Definition
Hydrophobic  These lenses simply repel water, making visibility in harsh conditions and sports such as sailing even better. This is done by reducing surface friction, which means that water droplets do not stay on the lens.
Anti Reflective  This is an optical coating on the surface of the lens which reduces the reflection in the front and back of the sunglasses. This results in more light passing through to the eye, providing sharper vision and reducing glare.
Ultraviolet Ultraviolet protection stops the suns rays from damaging your eyes. For athletes in constant growth and training, its almost inevitable that you will have long, sustained exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Protection is vitally important in sports activities and terrain where UV rays can reflect off surfaces such as sand, water, snow etc. 
Polarized  Polarization merged with AR helps to fully eliminate glare, especially when light is reflected off water or another surface. This increases depth perception, clarity and colours and removes instances where glare can cause temporary blindness.
 Polycarbonate  Polycarbonate lenses have become the industry standard for a lightweight, thin, high impact resistant material. Built into every single sports lens, this is a necessity for all sports eyewear and activities, making the lens durable, strong, automatically blocking UV and also compatible with other lens coatings such as AR.


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