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nu3 Vegan Protein 3K Shake | Vanilla Blend – 1 Kg Plant Based Protein | Protein Powder Made from 3-Component Protein | with 71% Protein | Lactose- and Sugar Free B0722ZB846

  • NATURAL POWER: Vegan 3-component protein made from high-quality pea, hemp and rice protein – no sugar but an incredible amount of 21 g of protein and 106 kcal per serving
  • HIGH PROTEIN: Solid 71 % protein content derived purely from plant-based sources, with a Chemical Score of 137 – completely free of animal ingredients
  • AMINOS & FLAVOR: Vegan vanilla protein shake tastes great – made with natural flavor and sweetened with stevia and sucralose – This plant based 3K protein shake offers on top an excellent and complete amino acid profile
  • NOT JUST FOR VEGANS: It’s also a tasty, quality alternative to regular whey – Simply mix 30 g of powder with 300 ml of water in a shaker and it’s ready to drink – To update your protein shake you can mix it with almond milk or fruits like banana and strawberries.
  • EXERCISE: Vegan protein shake is great for the fitness studio, during HIT or cross training at the park or running: the practical, reclosable zip bag fits perfectly in your workout bag


The vegan protein 3K for your performance

Our vegan protein powder 3K contains three different protein sources. The combination of almost 80% pea protein, complemented by hemp and rice protein, provides an optimal amino acid profile. The Chemical Score, at 137, is a measure of this. With 70% protein, this vegan creation is in no way inferior to its counterparts made with animal protein. We only put in our product what is sensible for you. Besides three protein sources, it also contains natural flavors, as well as the sweeteners steviol glycosides and sucralose, for a lightly sweet taste. A list of ingredients that is as short and “clean” as possible is very important to us. Take home pure Berlin power!

Delicious flavor, simple to use

The best thing about our vegan protein shake? The texture isn’t gritty like many other vegan protein powders. And the subtle sweetness clinches it – stevia is complemented by sucralose, so the taste of the sweetener isn’t overpowering. This vegan protein is simple to prepare: mix 30g powder (three heaping tablespoons) with 300ml water and enjoy. It’s easiest and best to use a shaker. The recipe was developed to be optimally soluble in water. And so you have no added carbohydrates or fats in your protein drink. Alternatively, you can prepare your shake with plant-based milk. You can decide when to drink it – ideally either 30 minutes before or 15-30 minutes after a workout.

Highest-quality Vegan Protein 3K

Meticulously chosen raw ingredients are crucial to the quality of our products. This allows us to make a powder that is 100% vegan. We can secure the safety of our products through constant, comprehensive checks and controls done in Germany – because we are only satisfied when you are. And so we exclusively use the sweeteners stevia and sucralose for our vegan proteins, avoiding other sweeteners and sugars – so they are promissed to be free from aspartame, acesulfame-K, and sodium cyclamate. And you won’t find additives like artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in our vegan proteins.

Our promise

nu3 employs experts such as nutrition scientists, food technologists, and experienced product developers, who work hand in hand to achieve a common goal: to develop the best, most effective products for you. You, as the customer, are always our focus: we take all opinions seriously and would love to hear from you.


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