Sports Sunglasses

View our specialised eyewear with the latest optical technology, benefiting from our patented headband and adjustable frames to make sure that your sports sunglasses are truly sportsproof.

The headband grips, and stays on in the most extreme positions, and ensures maximum comfort even when worn for a long period of time. This provides all sports sunglasses strength and stability, perfect for the seasoned athlete. The sports sunglasses share features such as high impact resistance due to Polycarbonate lenses, Anti Reflective coatings to reduce any glare and increase contrast, and Polarised lenses which eliminate any unwanted reflections. A hydrophobic feature also helps sunglasses repel water, rain or sweat without causing any marks or scratches; all enhancing optical sharpness and clarity.

Browse through our tailored, premium range of sports sunglasses and filter for the qualities and coatings that you need for your sport!