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About Us

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exclusive, specialised sportspersons and athletes the best in sports sunglasses, tailored to their unique needs. Manufactured by Slastik®, our sunglasses incorporate an array of different coatings, filters, tints and specifications on the sunglasses in order to enhance the requirements a sportsperson may need concerning their eyewear and ocular health.

Our Approach

Not only do we deliver a variety of sports sunglasses to athletes, but we also provide thorough descriptions of the sunglasses and the lenses themselves. We include all of the specifications encompassed in the lenses, the manufacturers’ details, as well as information for each athlete to understand why they should obtain one of our Slastik® sunglasses, as we simply clarify the useful advantages it can have for a sportsperson.

Our Atheletes

Eyris provides a large collection of sports sunglasses, for different types of athletes such as cyclists, sailors, runners, hikers and more. Athletes will find us advantageous as we offer a range of designs, models, colours, sizes and also specifications that are encompassed into the lenses, in order to sharpen the athletes’ vision, enhance optical contrast and allow the athlete to have a refined visual perception.

Our Philosophy

During a running marathon, or a cycling event, athletes do not wish to constantly adjust their eyewear; hence our vast range of Slastik® sunglasses include a flexible, comfortable, headband which can be adjusted easily, as well as other beneficial features such as magnetic foldable closing, adjustable nosepieces and modifiable sides.

“It never gets easier, you just go faster.” — Greg LeMond, US cyclist